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Loại Mua vào Bán ra
Vàng SJC 1L - 10L 48.250 48.650
Vàng nhẫn SJC 99,99 1 chỉ, 2 chỉ, 5 chỉ 47.250 47.850
Vàng nhẫn SJC 99,99 0,5 chỉ 47.250 47.950
Vàng nữ trang 99,99% 46.800 47.600
Vàng nữ trang 99% 45.729 47.129
Vàng nữ trang 75% 33.954 35.854
Vàng nữ trang 58,3% 26.004 27.904
Vàng nữ trang 41,7% 18.101 20.001
  Mua vào Bán ra
(Nguồn: Ngân hàng Vietcombank)
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Open Letter

Chau Co. Do please send to customers greeting respect and thank the cooperation of our customers.

Riding on International Economic Integration, organizations, individuals and other economic sectors are always aware comply with the constitution and law, seize business opportunities as well as the confidence with the assurance their product quality to longevity over the years. Always be aware cherish the value of life, the value of their product has created and cherish each person work together to build up.
Chau Do always enthusiastic about these things and constantly refreshed, beauty and do better in order to bring to all customers, domestic and foreign customers' satisfaction as the World Urban absolute teamwork and constant step on the road to building a richer and country stronger.
Chau Admiral Group, please send to the institutions and individuals, the economic sectors, ministries and all our customers have been using the product believe our profound thanks and wishes for good health, happy, successful and consistently achieve good things in life.
                                                                                                       CONG TY CO PHAN CHAU DO GROUP
                                                                                                     (Mr) LE VAN DUNG