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Loại Mua vào Bán ra
Vàng SJC 1L - 10L 53.580 55.480
Vàng nhẫn SJC 99,99 1 chỉ, 2 chỉ, 5 chỉ 52.250 53.950
Vàng nhẫn SJC 99,99 0,5 chỉ 52.250 54.050
Vàng nữ trang 99,99% 51.850 53.550
Vàng nữ trang 99% 51.220 53.020
Vàng nữ trang 75% 38.217 40.317
Vàng nữ trang 58,3% 29.273 31.373
Vàng nữ trang 41,7% 20.383 22.483
  Mua vào Bán ra
(Nguồn: Ngân hàng Vietcombank)
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Quality Policy

With primary responsibility is to maintain the best quality of customer service ... quality policy throughout the seafood processing plant. Photos of external packaging is also image the inside of the product .. Therefore, we are always aware that our products ensure the quality criteria of the products as well as photos of best product when delivered to the customer.

With the motto of constantly giving customers the service standards of safety, quality, right from the early days of development, Chaudogroup has gradually invested in equipment systems serving modern apron, reaching international standards, develop and apply system safety standards in processes ISAGO ground service and quality management system ISO. Thereby already meet the stringent requirements of customers, make an important prerequisite for expanding the ground service provider for customer airlines. European Capital entire staff is committed to follow the safety policy of quality:

Enterprise is committed to provide services to customers on the basis of safety management system consistent quality international standards ISO 9001: 2008 standards and agreements ISAGO quality agreed with the customers.

Enterprise commitment to continuous improvement of safety management systems and improve the quality of product and service quality aims:
"Affirming the brand with quality products."